Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island

project in progress: when all that’s left is nothing

Five years after small-town dancer Brianna rebrands herself as Rhiannon in New York, she’s called back to her home in Prince Edward Island when her brother, Drew, gets into a drunk driving accident.

With her big-city, generational-wealth boyfriend in tow, Rhi returns to confront the familial fractures that have produced her brother’s troubled medical career and her own estrangement. As each of her relationships are tested, Rhi clings to the connection she shares with her brother until it appears to be all she has left.

A work of literary fiction that challenges the traditional trajectory of the recovery narrative, When All That’s Left is Nothing investigates the bond between siblings, the breaking points of our relationships, and what it means (and costs) to pursue a dream.

Much of my work seeks to identify a non-linear ‘recovery’ process after trauma/harm, providing alternative narrative structures. I focus significantly on narrative/storytelling in all of my work

Savage Harbour, Prince Edward Island

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